The                   Design

Paired, therapeutic footwear that provides a comfortable fortress to protect medically, at-risk feet

Tailored to Diabetics at risk for ulcerative complications of the foot or rehabilitating after successful ulcer treatment. 


  • Flat sole promotes stability when standing

  • Active design reacts dynamically during gait to help facilitate protected motion
    - Toe Spring helps gently propel foot into the next step
    - Heel wedge provides additional shock absorption

  • Insole crafted from D3O® energy-absorbing polymer blends - the most advanced, shock-absorbing and impact-protecting materials engineered for long-lasting comfort.


  • Hook-and-loop fasteners across the forefoot and rear allow footwear to open almost completely for ease of foot insertion, even with medical bandages.

  • Soft interior and no exposed seams protect vulnerable skin from abrasion.


*Use outdoors assumes moderate mobility. FootForte™ are not designed for use in high-intensity applications or in extremely wet environments.


Wide foot opening and hook-&-loop fasteners

make for easy fitting