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* RX-Only US FDA Class II |  CE Class 2A  Medical Device

  • Intermittent Plantar Compression  provides a healing, oxygen-rich environment

  • Offloading mechanism reduces pressure,
    shear & friction, as well as any Removable Cast Walker (RCW)

  • Paired design facilitates bilateral stability 
    & protection

  • Multi-layered, contoured D3O® insole reduces impact forces to guard against trauma & delivers optimal patient comfort

  • Deep toe box and wide foot opening  accommodates a broad range of patients 

  • Wear-time monitor encourages compliance with treatment plan


Class II* medical device features a biomechanically-active design that simultaneously increases blood flow, offloads to redistribute pressure and control forward velocity, and protects the foot from further injury.


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Intermittent Plantar Compression 

A cycle of 1 second inflation and 19 seconds deflation at the plantar plexus, at a pressure of 180 mmHg, improves flow of oxygenated blood. 


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Pressure Reduction

Designed and tested to provide pressure relief, protection & a healing environment that is as effective as a traditionally-prescribed therapies, but with a more patient-friendly treatment regimen and the ability of  the patient and clinician to easily monitor the feet. 


Long-Term Support 

While a wound or procedure affects one foot, protecting BOTH At-Risk feet is critical. PulseFlowDF provides paired footwear during treatment and beyond.  The pump and offloader are removed post-treatment, leaving the patient with supportive,paired footwear for lasting protection.